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Installing the recoated tank

Its been a while since my last post and that can mean two things, good or bad news… fortunately it was the first one!!! I’ve been driving alot the last few weeks. Continue reading


Install sliding windows

This week I finally installed the last windows of my Land cruiser. The iconic sliding windows only seen at the later model (1980+) Land cruisers. I made a comprehensive photo report to show you how this works. Continue reading

Installing window weatherstripping

Now the frames are painted, the weatherstripping is in and the glass is thoroughly cleaned and scraped with razor blade (for getting the persistent dirt off), It is time to assemble everything. Continue reading

Hood silence pad

Driving noise is something you have to live with when owning a classic land cruiser, even more when owning a diesel version. That’s why Toyota assembled the Diesel cruisers in some markets with a factory silence pad under the hood. Continue reading

OEM Door weatherstripping

Ok just a short notice: bought the aftermarket front door weatherstripping/seals a while ago and tried to install them properly… That turned out to be a big failure!!!! So this time, I bought the Genuine Toyota ones from what a difference!! Continue reading

New Tires

This weekend I got myself a nice pair of sneakers!! And then I don’t mean a new pair of “hard to get” Nike’s, but 5 brand new BF Goodrich All Terrain Tires. Continue reading

Seat belts are in.

Ok, I know this whole restoration kinda speeds up lately, probably because the finish is in sight… (not the end of this blog though.. :)) Today I also installed the Seat belt kit I received a few days ago. Continue reading