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Installing the recoated tank

Its been a while since my last post and that can mean two things, good or bad news… fortunately it was the first one!!! I’ve been driving alot the last few weeks. Continue reading


Getting rid of the last rust

I’ve sanded the cruiser to the metal, repaired all the imperfections, welded every hole… so I thought this was it! No more rust! Boy, was I wrong… I never looked in the fuel tank. Continue reading

Welding the doors

Its been a few weeks, but I’m still alive and working on the BJ44. There just wasn’t much interesting stuff to tell, than the things I already told in my last post. But now I’ve worked on fixing the doors, so here we go… Continue reading

Nuts & Bolts: replated

A few weeks ago I brought my mounting hardware to a plating company, this is a company where they for instance re-chrome or zinc plate your metal parts. Toyota originally used a yellow zinc plate on their nuts and bolts, something iconic, since most of the car manufacturers use a more blue/neutral colored zinc finish for their hardware. Yellow zinc is a bit stronger than the standard zinc type. Continue reading

Preparing Paint job

Getting closer and closer towards the paint job, there’s still a lot of work to be done. To get some overview in my work, I decided to work from front to rear. So I started to finish all the work Continue reading

Stage 02 – The damage

Although this is a Landcruiser in great condition, unfortunately no Landcruiser survived over 30 years of moisture.
The question is not: is there any rust?, but rather, how much rust is there? Continue reading