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Installing the recoated tank

Its been a while since my last post and that can mean two things, good or bad news… fortunately it was the first one!!! I’ve been driving alot the last few weeks. Continue reading


Painting sliding window frames

Just something that was on the list for along time, didn’t do it because I had not found the right weatherstripping yet, well if you’ve read my previous post, you know that problem is solved, so onto the painting then. Continue reading

Sand & paint the rims

This post actually covers a few weeks of work, but always done on the side, and to my opinion never interesting enough to make it a separate post. I started sanding the almost new Toyota rims I bought somewhere in January if i remember correctly. Continue reading

Painting the Roof Top

The Roof top is now fully sealed and protected against rust, Time to sand the epoxy primer with a 500 grit sandpaper to a fully smooth surface and getting ready to paint its final layer of glossy white. Continue reading

Roof top sealing

Because I was busy this week, the owner of my workplace helped me out by painting the rooftop with epoxy primer. This way I saved a day and could start right away with preparing the rooftop for its final layer of white. Continue reading

Refreshing the Hub Locks

As an intermezzo, doing a small job brings back hope, and can give you as much satisfaction as a larger job. Therefore i decided to refresh the original Aisin locking hubs. Continue reading

Hardtop: the final paintjob!

In the meantime the epoxy primer was good for sanding with grit 500 paper. This is the moment when the last preparations to the surface can be made, Continue reading