Installing window weatherstripping

Now the frames are painted, the weatherstripping is in and the glass is thoroughly cleaned and scraped with razor blade (for getting the persistent dirt off), It is time to assemble everything.

The reason why I’m already placing the weatherstripping and glass in the window frame is because it’s easier to do it when the windows are still off. This gives a better angle on working the weatherstripping in and when you put in the glass, the frame needs to be forced a bit, so the glass will slide in. This is very hard to do when the frame is already fixed to the hardtop.

It is very hard to explain what I did for installing the weatherstripping, so I’ve created a step by step photo report. One important thing to mention, so you will understand what I did, Is folding the sides of the weatherstripping under the middle. You will understand when you see the pictures. This way the weatherstripping is a bit stiffer and easier to cut (like the draining holes and corners). Also getting the weatherstripping into the frame will be much easier.
I used a blunt object like the rear side if a teaspoon, to push the weatherstripping firmly in its place.

You will see an example of cutting the drainage holes and the corners, just like the OEM weatherstripping. I can say, it will cost you some sweat.. and you need to use your fingers a lot to “massage” the weatherstripping in its place, but when its there, it fits like a glove. At the end I place one window at a time in the middle of the frame and force it outwards so the window will slide in.

See the pics for the whole story.


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