Upgrading head lights

Since electricity is all in working order, engine starts like It never stopped running for a longer period, I started to finish installing the lights at the front. Originally my cruiser came with the factory Koito sealed beams, that means that the light bulb is integrated with its housing. You buy them in one piece.

In order to get my Cruiser street legal, the head lights needed to be changed for 2 reasons: The JDM cruiser is designed for driving on the left side of the street, therefore the beam is partly focused on the right side, so both parts of the road are clearly visible. Since I drive in a right side country, I would mainly enlighten the right side of the road. Not something you want, and not safe at all. Secondly the light need to be Approved for European traffic, like DOT, DIN, ISO standard etc Koito Lights don’t carry this approval. Thirdly, the old Koito’s give a poor light, Modern cars use H4 bulbs with a stronger and whiter beam. Safety First!!.

I choose the famous German Hella lights. Because of the sublime pattern in their glass, they are highly visible for other traffic users and give great sight for the driver. An affordable upgrade as well, they were about 70 euro for a set. I’ve planned to upgrade the standard H4 Bulbs to Osram 24V Truckstar bulbs, with an even 150% stronger beam.

Will keep you updated with my findings.


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