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Installing window weatherstripping

Now the frames are painted, the weatherstripping is in and the glass is thoroughly cleaned and scraped with razor blade (for getting the persistent dirt off), It is time to assemble everything. Continue reading


Painting sliding window frames

Just something that was on the list for along time, didn’t do it because I had not found the right weatherstripping yet, well if you’ve read my previous post, you know that problem is solved, so onto the painting then. Continue reading

Rooftop installed

You all still owed this one from me… Already installed the roof top last week, but because of the bad weather over here (NL) the pictures were all dark and not good enough for posting. Continue reading

Installing headliner

Ive sanded the inside of the roof top to a nice smooth surface. The inside was covered with glue and pieces of foam from the old dried out headliner. Its time to replace this with a nice foam backed & perforated vinyl headliner. Continue reading

Painting the Roof Top

The Roof top is now fully sealed and protected against rust, Time to sand the epoxy primer with a 500 grit sandpaper to a fully smooth surface and getting ready to paint its final layer of glossy white. Continue reading

Roof top sealing

Because I was busy this week, the owner of my workplace helped me out by painting the rooftop with epoxy primer. This way I saved a day and could start right away with preparing the rooftop for its final layer of white. Continue reading

Rooftop weatherstripping part 02

Last week I showed you that I sourced a good alternative for the “no longer available” weatherstripping. Now its time to install and see if it will work as I hoped it would. Continue reading