Vinyl Floor covers

A nice detail with this Japanese cruiser are its original floor covers, still in good condition, not dried out or teared whatsoever.

Toyota used black or gray interior trimming for most of their Land cruisers around the world, but for their home market (JDM) they came with special editions; Known as the “packages”.
In 1980 they started with the L package, like mine, with tan colored trim in the interior combined with off white upholstery. this was only seen in the short BJ41 and mid BJ44.
The followup was the 1982 LX package, with dark brown trim and brown/white zebra pattern upholstery. Seen in the short BJ42 and mid BJ46.

The vinyl came out really nice when just cleaning with some mild green soap. Although after installing and inspecting the cruiser in direct sunlight, i spotted some areas that might need some attention later on. Not something that bothers me at this point.

The rear bench needs some paint touch ups in several places of its frame, I will leave it like this now. Nice little work for upcoming winter…
As you can see the sun starts shining over here, spring is in the air!!


2 responses to “Vinyl Floor covers

  • Wes

    Where did you source the console ashtray? I have a BJ41 with the L package, and haven’t been able to find one in that color.

    • folkertbj44

      Hi Wesley, fortunately the console was already in the car, I just had to clean it up.
      A console in this color, you will probably only find in Japan, as it was only for the JDM BJ44 & BJ41 with L package of 1981-1982.
      Best option is to source one on Yahoo auctions in japan and then use a intermediator service, who buys the item for you and ships it to your place. Thats how I always did for many JDM specific parts.

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