Seat belts are in.

Ok, I know this whole restoration kinda speeds up lately, probably because the finish is in sight… (not the end of this blog though.. :)) Today I also installed the Seat belt kit I received a few days ago.

As you have seen, the seat belt had black items on them. The OEM one was fully tan colored. I hoped this black trim would look as good as the original, and it did!!! Because the interior is heavily dominated with black items like the dashboard pad, steering wheel, heater and A/C, the black trim on the belts was a perfect fit. Maybe even better than OEM, which was as always slightly different in color as the rest of the tan trimming.

The bolts were exactly the same size as the OEM belts, so no need to swap any bolts to the newer kit. The whole kit bolted on in just a few minutes. Now i could feel the difference between the old belts and the newer ones. The newer kit had a better stop reaction and always blocked when I pulled the belt fast. The older ones didn’t. I’m confident that this was a very good investment.

See pics how it looks in my cruiser…


4 responses to “Seat belts are in.

  • michael donnee

    perfect job!!!!
    hi,folkerts. how are you?
    Iam Michael from bali,indonesia.I just bought 1983 Toyota Bj44 with the price US$46,000 3 months ago. The condition of this car still original. Body,engine,bolts,nuts and interior are completely and perfect. The speedo on the clock just GENUINE 24,600km with the toolkit set.
    In my country,Bj44 has 6-7 units only import from japan or new zealand and more rare than Fj25 1950’s. I’d like very much this car,cause the shape is unique,luxury and much more different then Fj and Bj.
    At the moments,the car under going restoration to make perfectly concourse by AUTO LEGEND,TLC specialist in my country.
    Bro..I’d like your job and restoration processing car at website
    By the way,I never seen before the fotos of engine bay and underneath your car after restoration. If you dont mine can you send me fotos all of them.
    Please let me know asap. Thanks a lot. Michael

    • folkertbj44

      Hi michael,
      you are right, the engine was not touched by me yet, if you look in the first post, or click the “my car before restoring” picture you can find images of the engine bay as well..

      but now that you ask, can you send me some pics of your bj44? interior, exterior, engine etc… very curious about the setup and the beauty of your cruiser… 🙂
      we are trying to get some hard to find information about the BJ44’s like configuration changes etc..

      thanks in advance, folkert

  • raditia

    Could you give me information how I can buy fender mirror for my BJ40???

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