Installing shift pattern plate

Today I brought one of the shift pattern plates with me I had received earlier this week, Time to make a “how to install” for this nice plate. As mentioned before I decided not to order the plates with pre drilled holes. The case might be that the holes wouldn’t align perfectly with the holes in the glove box door.

Therefore I printed the outline of the plate on a sheet of paper (you will get this when you buy one from me). I used this printout as a template for drilling the holes. This is what i did:

– place the template on the back side of the glove box door.
– use some light to identify the holes
– position the print, so that the holes align nicely with the outline drawing
– push through the holes with a small screw driver or other pointy item.
– lay the template on the back of the shift pattern plate (beware what side is up)
– mark the right center points on the back of the plate.
– tape the plate on a piece of cardboard, this prevents moving while drilling and scratching the surface.
– drill with a 3,5 mm drill
– use a 3 mm rivet
– make sure you have enough play. otherwise the plate might bend a little when fastening.
– fasten the rivets from upper left, down right , upper right, down left.
– voila!!

see the pics below for what it looks like when installed properly!
When you buy a plate from me I will also give you the rivets and a template… you just need to buy the 3,5 mm drill yourself.


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