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New suspension

This upgrade was already on my list since the beginning. The original suspension pack installed by the factory was over 30 years old, therefore lost its flex and lowered the cruiser about 5 cm from its original height. Besides that the driving behavior also changes during that time, in the end the steering tends to react too much on road conditions and curves. It starts to drive a bit nervous and therefore dangerous and exhausting. Continue reading


Sliding window weatherstripping

This week I received the long awaited weatherstripping for my sliding windows. Like many other parts, this was no longer available through Toyota, so I had to source for an alternative. Continue reading

Hood silence pad

Driving noise is something you have to live with when owning a classic land cruiser, even more when owning a diesel version. That’s why Toyota assembled the Diesel cruisers in some markets with a factory silence pad under the hood. Continue reading

OEM Door weatherstripping

Ok just a short notice: bought the aftermarket front door weatherstripping/seals a while ago and tried to install them properly… That turned out to be a big failure!!!! So this time, I bought the Genuine Toyota ones from what a difference!! Continue reading

New Tires

This weekend I got myself a nice pair of sneakers!! And then I don’t mean a new pair of “hard to get” Nike’s, but 5 brand new BF Goodrich All Terrain Tires. Continue reading

JDM Emergency Flare

Since we are talking safety, lets focus on a very nice and Japanese Domestic Market only item; the Safety flare. Due to Japanese traffic regulations, every Japanese car needs to have an ’emergency flare’. This is basically a piece of firework that can be ignited the way you lit a match. Continue reading

New seat belts

If you have followed this blog for a while, you’ll remember how I did my best cleaning up the Factory original seat tan belts, they looked great (for the most part), but somehow sometime refused to work properly… And there’s something I won’t try to save some money on.. my safety! Continue reading