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Upgrading head lights

Since electricity is all in working order, engine starts like It never stopped running for a longer period, I started to finish installing the lights at the front. Originally my cruiser came with the factory Koito sealed beams, that means that the light bulb is integrated with its housing. You buy them in one piece. Continue reading


Refreshing lenses and reflectors.

A good way to save some money is by not replacing faded and scratched rear light lenses and turn signal lenses with pricey OEM ones.
The lenses alone might save you just a little money. New OEM rear light lenses + front turn signal lenses will cost you around Continue reading

Glove box emergency light.

A nice, iconic and handy accessory that comes with the Land cruiser is the Glove box emergency light. Stowed away in the glove box, it can be connected to Continue reading

Polishing chrome

Nothing special to tell here, just the usual polishing stuff, but it works as a meditative exercise if done with enough time and relaxed music. Continue reading