Door assembly & weatherstripping

Yesterday was my second day I could enjoy the happy moments of assembling all the parts you have worked so hard on… I already installed the ambulance doors last weekend, now was the time to align the doors through the hinges, so the doors would fit perfectly together.

I was always a little bit afraid that the doors somehow would have fitting problems after welding the new panels in. You’ll never know until you fit the door. Fortunately they fitted perfectly, although I think the right ambulance door fits a bit tight in the rounded corner. no idea if its the framework or the door itself. The license plate bracket looks great on the left door… we are getting there, day by day.

I bought weatherstripping from Cool Cruisers of Texas, their “best” version, which is basically an exact copy of the original Toyota ones, but for half the price. They fitted perfectly, on the contrary of what others said on, but I guess they were talking about an earlier series. Already Installed the ambulance doors, next time I will finish the weatherstripping for the front doors as well.

The front doors were easily assembled, just had to play a bit with the mechanism for the lock, but got that one figured out.
I think the cream white door panels look great with the beige 464, very chique!!!

The door bows will be finished when the roof is ready for assembly and that will take a few days at the workshop before we are there..

Enjoy the pics. As you can see, everything needs a good wash at the end, there’s dust everywhere.


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