New Tires

This weekend I got myself a nice pair of sneakers!! And then I don’t mean a new pair of “hard to get” Nike’s, but 5 brand new BF Goodrich All Terrain Tires.

But mentioning “Hard to get” sneakers, which I, as a designer, also like to collect; These tires were a pain in the ass to find!!! Since the economic crisis, tire producers have a hard time producing a tire for a reasonable price. The production and base material of rubber tires is, of course, depending on oil. But also the transport etc. This would mean the tire prices would double, and that’s a bad thing for the tire industry. So a lot of tire brands are selling tires for the “old” price but cutting their production to a fraction. So they won’t loose that much. This is also the case with BF Goodrich. Some dealers ordered 500 tires, and only got 50 delivered 2 months after ordering. A true “hard to get sneaker”.

The tires, I finally found at a Land Rover garage. They even had a good deal, since the tires i needed can go up to 220 euro a piece, these were around 160 each and 50 euros extra for installing and balancing the wheels. I have size 235/85 R16, what stands for 235 mm wide, height is 85% of the width, and its fits on a 16″ rim. For the comparison in inches, it means a 31,75 x 9,25 x 16. This is already a bit bigger than the tires the previous owner fitted. 205/80 R16 (29 x 8 x 16 inch.)

Fitting the complete tires was really exiting! the appearance of the truck changes drastically… the whole feel got tougher, bigger & definitely more muscular. The white rims gave it back its classic feel, and its perfect harmony with the white roof..

well enough said.. see for yourself.


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