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OEM Door weatherstripping

Ok just a short notice: bought the aftermarket front door weatherstripping/seals a while ago and tried to install them properly… That turned out to be a big failure!!!! So this time, I bought the Genuine Toyota ones from what a difference!! Continue reading


Door assembly & weatherstripping

Yesterday was my second day I could enjoy the happy moments of assembling all the parts you have worked so hard on… Continue reading

Hardtop: the final paintjob!

In the meantime the epoxy primer was good for sanding with grit 500 paper. This is the moment when the last preparations to the surface can be made, Continue reading

Primer Hardtop & Doors

After sanding, repairing and preparing the hardtop panels and doors, its finally time for its first layer of paint, again epoxy primer, the best base coat used on bare metal. Continue reading

Preparing hardtop and doors

Now after the doors are welded, its time to prepare them for their first paint job with Epoxy primer. Continue reading

Welding the doors

Its been a few weeks, but I’m still alive and working on the BJ44. There just wasn’t much interesting stuff to tell, than the things I already told in my last post. But now I’ve worked on fixing the doors, so here we go… Continue reading

Repairing the doors

As I’ve showed you in a previous post the right ambulance door and right front door suffered from serious rust in the “well known” bottom part. I ordered door skins at CCOT (Cool cruisers of Texas) and received them a week ago. Continue reading