Rooftop installed

You all still owed this one from me… Already installed the roof top last week, but because of the bad weather over here (NL) the pictures were all dark and not good enough for posting.

Corjan, the workshop owner, helped me with getting the roof back in its place. The most important part was that we had to drop the roof onto the weatherstripping with the seam sealer bead in one time.. Other wise the seam sealer would smear out on the weatherstripping and possible create and loose its waterproof effect in some spots.

After the roof was in position I first bolted all the plated OEM (yellow zinc) nuts around, but not so tight. This way i prevent one side being more tight, and therefore the roof would become misaligned. Every time I had to fasten every bolt just a little, until all bolts were evenly fastened.

Between the front windshield and the roof I used some black seam sealer to close some small gaps. Now everything is watertight!!!
Doesn’t the ivory white roof look great with the beige 464?

Enjoy the pics!


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