OEM Door weatherstripping

Ok just a short notice: bought the aftermarket front door weatherstripping/seals a while ago and tried to install them properly… That turned out to be a big failure!!!! So this time, I bought the Genuine Toyota ones from cruiserparts.net.. what a difference!!

The aftermarket weatherstripping promised a lot, they were a very detailed repro of the original ones (they used OEM weatherstripping to form their molds) Including the special corners etc. The problem was mainly caused by the following:
– the rubber is pretty stiff and therefore harder to form into the bottom rounded corners, Without using a lot of masking tape to fix the rubber, its hard to keep it in place during the glue drying period.
– The rubber surface is smoother, more slick, therefore harder for the glue to stick.
– The weatherstripping is stiffer and thicker, therefore I couldn’t close my doors after installing.. even not after adjusting the hinges.

After inspecting the OEM weatherstripping, I notoced the following:
– the weatherstripping is very soft
– better surface for glueing
– more detailed, better fit
– not as thick, but a little bit wider (seems to be better for closing up the gaps)

Installing both doors was done in 2 hours. I also used some sound deadening material, like Toyota used on the floors,in the doors. This reduces rattling and the thin hollow sheet metal sound when closing the doors. I believe it even blocks some of the engine/tire sounds when driving.

Then I sprayed the rust preventive Tectyl in the bottom half of the doors and closed up the doors with a sheet of plastic, to prevent moisture building up in the wooden door panels.

Done and happy with the results.


6 responses to “OEM Door weatherstripping

  • eurasiaoverland


    Nice restoration blog! I am restoring a 1993 Hilux pickup in similar detail. Can I ask what that black sticky tuff i which you use to hold the door cards on..? Also, what did you spray the hood insulation pad with?



    • folkertbj44

      hi daniel, the hood insulation has been “freshened” up with a black bumper restoring product. (available under several brands)
      its used to make faded black plastic more dark, black again, worked great on the insulation pad too.
      the door cards are mounted with special OEM clips/plugs, for the moist insulation/plastic sheet i used the same black kit as they use for the windows.



  • eurasiaoverland

    Hi Folkert, thanks for that. I will look into that for my hood insulator panel which is a bit dirty.

    On my doors, there is a clear polythene sheet which is stuck to the door, I guess to keep dust out of the cabin. It is held in by some black sealing compound which never dries, Did you use something like this? I can only find sealing compounds which dry and go hard, which are not really suitable.

    Also, did you look at different Toyota beige colours? I want mine to be beige, but maybe a tiny bit darker than yours. Did you spray 464? Did you look at 4E9 (a later beige)?



    • folkertbj44

      hi daniel, no i decided to go for factory beige, the 464. the beige appears to be different all the time with changing light conditions, so in summer it looks more yellowish and lighter than in wintertime. i love my color, my second choice would have been mustard yellow or the dune beige 416 for the pre 1979 models. which is also a bit darker and less yellowish

      yes for the doors use the window kit, it stays soft and perfectly seals of the doors with a sheet of thick plastic, this is more to prevent moist building up behind the panels.


      • eurasiaoverland

        Yes, every car I google for ‘beige 464’ looks different! I guess I’ll just buy some cans and see what I like.

        Can you tell me the name of the ‘window kit’ product, I am not familiar with it at all. Are you saying it is an OEM Toyota sealer?

        Thanks again, awesome work you have done, I wish I could spray paint!

      • folkertbj44

        no its a product sold by many car needs resellers. mine is named sikaflex, but its a dutch brand, so i dont think its avaiable at your local shop. just do a search for car window sealer, all car window repair shops use this stuff for sealing of the rubbers when installing new windows.

        try here:

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