My collection of BJ44 model kits


Already a while ago I started to collecting the BJ 44 modelkits produced by the Italian modelkit brand ESCI.
ESCI was the only one who produced a high quality Model kit of the BJ44 in the early 80’s.
They released 3 different versions:

• The soft top version
• The Phillipines Taxi
• The Kenia Safari edition

By now these modelkits have become a rare item to find, sometimes you see them coming by on Ebay for about 180 USD.
Especially the Safari edition is the most hard to find, which I only saw once in the last 6 years on Ebay.

If you are interested in buying one, this might be your lucky day!

Since the kits are never going to be put together by me, I’ve put the 4 kits I currently own on Ebay.

They could now be yours! Check the auctions on ebay.  (*** SOLD ***)

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A star is born

How nice is it when you’re asked if your beloved Toyota Land Cruiser can be part of a fashion photo shoot? Lemme tell you, I was exited! After months of hard work, Its nice to be able to show your rig to the world. Continue reading

New suspension

This upgrade was already on my list since the beginning. The original suspension pack installed by the factory was over 30 years old, therefore lost its flex and lowered the cruiser about 5 cm from its original height. Besides that the driving behavior also changes during that time, in the end the steering tends to react too much on road conditions and curves. It starts to drive a bit nervous and therefore dangerous and exhausting. Continue reading

Winter has started

Since my last post in October, I enjoyed driving the BJ44 a lot, Wondering if new minor problems would show, but nothing happened. I kept a sharp eye on the levels of all fluids (Oils, Coolant, Brake fluid) noticed some points need attention, like a very small leak of coolant from the pump. Need to clean the pump and replace the gaskets for that one in spring. Continue reading

Let’s go outside!

Yes, the last few sunny weekends, I already made some great trips around town, through the countryside and last weekend I headed towards the sea, which is just 30 minutes away from my hometown Amsterdam. Continue reading

Replacing exhaust manifold gasket

So now the tank was installed, the engine was running perfect and I started to make some test drives… I felt great!! Although there was something not right… It sounded like an old Volkswagen Beetle, like it had a serious cold. Continue reading

Installing the recoated tank

Its been a while since my last post and that can mean two things, good or bad news… fortunately it was the first one!!! I’ve been driving alot the last few weeks. Continue reading