Hardtop Assembly Part01

The hardtop panels and doors were painted in their final coat, then dried for a week and are now ready for assembly, yeah, the most thrilling part of the restoring process.

This day I had done a lot so I will separate this post in several stages:

Hardtop weatherstripping
Before putting back the hardtop sides on the lower body, I made sure the weatherstripping on both sides was aligned perfectly. I used the same black kit as you use for installing car glass. Just a few dots on the bottom of each, keeps the weatherstripping in place.
I also replaced the end pieces of both sides, which dried out over the years. Just a piece of 3 mm rubber sheet, and some matching U-profile did the trick. Glued everything together using the same black glass kit. After that I placed both sides on the lower body and gently bolted everything together, leaving some adjustment space.

Windscreen & Wipers
Then I mounted the windshield, connected the wires and washer tube, washer nozzle etc. First I placed the glass into the OEM weatherstripping, then used the rope trick (many examples can be found on youtube) to get the window back into the frame.
After that I installed the new OEM wind screen wipers, closed up the rear openings with the original pushpin clips, and tightened the dash pad screwknobs, to get the windscreen fixed in position.

Rear door post & Aligning ambulance doors
Before you tighten everything, its a good moment to align the doors first. This way you can be sure everything is in a straight angle. If so you can tighten the doorpost top and the side panels. The hinges of the ambulance doors give enough room for adjusting everything nicely.
At the end I installed the side windows with the same rope trick. It can be done alone, but with some help everything goes easier.

The sliding side windows are a project on its own. Still missing the perfect replacement for the window channel run, but a fellow cruiser friend from Australia might have found a good alternative, so lets hope that will work. He will send them to me soon i hope.. 🙂

up next this week: assembly of all 4 doors., weatherstripping, lock systems, handles etc.


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