Install sliding windows

This week I finally installed the last windows of my Land cruiser. The iconic sliding windows only seen at the later model (1980+) Land cruisers. I made a comprehensive photo report to show you how this works.

As you already know, I installed the felt window run last time, so the windows were ready for installing. Things to do this time were: fitting the outer weatherstripping, which seals the outside frame to the hard top side and the U shaped trim that holds the frame and the hardtop window edge firmly together.

I started with the outside weatherstripping, before fitting the window in onto the hardtop, this one needs to be mounted around the frame. Because of its shape and length, it tends to hang loose a little, so I used some seam sealer to make the weatherstripping stick to the frame. This makes installment easier and helps overall sealing. Then I laid a bead of seam sealer on the edge of the hardtop window opening, this will seal the space between hardtop and window frame.

For the last step you definitely need 2 people. One pressing the window as firmly as possible against the hardtop, the other will put the rubber trim on both edges of the hardtop opening and the window frame.
Because of the metal core of the U shaped trim, it will hold the window in its place. When the trim is pressed onto the edge all around, you need to cut the end so it will fit nicely.

I was very pleased with the result!!! The windows, with their thick borders, give the whole cruiser a masculine appearance. Now the cruiser is waterproof and soundproof (as much as possible)

The photo report will give you an idea of the process and final result.


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