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New suspension

This upgrade was already on my list since the beginning. The original suspension pack installed by the factory was over 30 years old, therefore lost its flex and lowered the cruiser about 5 cm from its original height. Besides that the driving behavior also changes during that time, in the end the steering tends to react too much on road conditions and curves. It starts to drive a bit nervous and therefore dangerous and exhausting. Continue reading


Replacing exhaust manifold gasket

So now the tank was installed, the engine was running perfect and I started to make some test drives… I felt great!! Although there was something not right… It sounded like an old Volkswagen Beetle, like it had a serious cold. Continue reading

Installing the recoated tank

Its been a while since my last post and that can mean two things, good or bad news… fortunately it was the first one!!! I’ve been driving alot the last few weeks. Continue reading

Hood silence pad

Driving noise is something you have to live with when owning a classic land cruiser, even more when owning a diesel version. That’s why Toyota assembled the Diesel cruisers in some markets with a factory silence pad under the hood. Continue reading

(P)repairing the Roof Top

Since the hardtop is now installed including the doors and upper door bows, its time to work on the iconic creamy white polyester roof top. Continue reading

Hardtop: the final paintjob!

In the meantime the epoxy primer was good for sanding with grit 500 paper. This is the moment when the last preparations to the surface can be made, Continue reading

Welding the doors

Its been a few weeks, but I’m still alive and working on the BJ44. There just wasn’t much interesting stuff to tell, than the things I already told in my last post. But now I’ve worked on fixing the doors, so here we go… Continue reading