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Installing shift pattern plate

Today I brought one of the shift pattern plates with me I had received earlier this week, Time to make a “how to install” for this nice plate. As mentioned before I decided not to order the plates with pre drilled holes. The case might be that the holes wouldn’t align perfectly with the holes in the glove box door. Continue reading


Glove box part 02

As I’ve mentioned before, I was in the run for producing the original JDM 4 speed shifting plate for the dashboard glove box.
After some hard work reproducing these nice and iconic plates, they are finally finished. Took me a few days cleaning up the scans and convert the artwork into vector. But the result is as I hoped for, or even better.. Continue reading

Air Conditioning unit

The last step in finish installing all the dashboard components, is the Air Conditioning unit. A nice factory original Nippon Denso in good condition. Continue reading

Glove Box part 01

I will give some extra attention to the glove box in this post. The main reason is actually not the glove box cover itself, but the shift pattern instructions plate on it. With nice instruction in Japanese Kanji, I like that a lot!!! Continue reading

Instrument cluster refresh

After a few paint fails, the old paint didn’t like the new paint on top, I finally sanded the instrument cluster frame to bare metal and started from scratch. Continue reading

Dashboard & knobs

Its been more than 2 weeks I posted, last week I forgot to take my camera with me to the workshop. So if there are no pics, there’s nothing to write about.
This week I’ll make it up with you, and drop a few post at once. Beginning with installing the dash knobs… Continue reading

Painting tub: part 02

Yesterday was the last day in a series of 4 days of hard work! I began with sanding the tub, then lots of small items, painted those items first and finally yesterday I painted the tub to its final color. I must say; an energy consuming task… But thankfully, a rewarding task as well! Continue reading