Instrument cluster refresh

After a few paint fails, the old paint didn’t like the new paint on top, I finally sanded the instrument cluster frame to bare metal and started from scratch.

Sometimes the solvents used in newer paints will work through the older paint layers, this results in unwanted side effects, like pitting, flaking etc. Therefore I started all over by sanding the two pieces to bare metal and using epoxy primer first. I found a spray can of metallic paint (Motip), very close to the original silver, even the metallic looks very identical.
So I used that after epoxy primer and that turned out perfect. I finished this with 2 layers of motip clear coat to get the desired gloss.

After that I cleaned the instrument cluster and its little glasses, and assembled it. Placed it back in the dash and connected all the wires/cables except the max speed buzzer, which start to buzz when you drive above 100 kmh. Very annoying, but a law in Japan.

The instrument cluster works perfectly!! all the lights and gauges work and show me a healthy status. happy!!


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