Air Conditioning unit

The last step in finish installing all the dashboard components, is the Air Conditioning unit. A nice factory original Nippon Denso in good condition.

I already installed the AC controller on the dash a few weeks ago (the black box with 2 sliding knobs mounted left from the steering wheel).

I cleaned this unit with pressurized air, some water with soap, and finally used the “black chrome” on the black plastic, to get the “like new” black finish.
It was not that easy installing, everything seems to be a very tight fit, with hard to reach bolt locations. But after one hour of cursing and swearing, I managed.

Unfortunately I can’t test the unit right now, because the system is not “charged” yet. It needs freon like a fridge, and not everyone can do this. It needs to be done by a specialist, and the way of charging and installing is very strict, due to environmental reasons. At least everything is hooked up now, so the only thing I need to find is an AC company.

The two clips on the right are for installing an Emergency Flair, also a nice JDM feature, but I will explain this in a future post with some nice detailed pictures.

enjoy the pics!


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