Glove Box part 01

I will give some extra attention to the glove box in this post. The main reason is actually not the glove box cover itself, but the shift pattern instructions plate on it. With nice instruction in Japanese Kanji, I like that a lot!!!

The story about the glove box lid is not that thrilling, just spray painted it together with the Instrument cluster frame, with the right color silver. Turned out very nice!!

Before restoring, both cover and aluminum instruction plate were pitted. 30 years of sunlight and usage showed their signs, so I decided that reinstalling this plate wont do any justice to the restoration. Finding a new replacement is not possible, most of these decals/plates are reproduced by enthusiasts or specialized shops. But for such a rare Land cruiser like the BJ44, they are none available. So the only thing I could do was reproducing them myself.

Being a (graphic/industrial) designer myself, with all the needed software & hardware and connections with companies who can fabricate, this can’t be such a difficult task.
I started with scanning the decal at a very high resolution (1200 dpi at 100%), then I did a touch up in the digital file, all the small scratches and imperfections were removed by hand, and the Kanji characters were made fresh and readable again..

Then I traced the Adobe Photoshop file In Adobe Illustrator, this way it becomes a very detailed vector file, a file format needed when they are going to reproduce the plate. It almost works like a high resolution laser print on aluminum, laser etching they call it. Ive send it away last week, hopefully it wont to long.

Will update this topic with a second post when the plate arrives and I find some time to install it.


5 responses to “Glove Box part 01

  • Jim Callahan

    this is great! I have been frustrated with what to do about the dash plate on my 44. If it works out well, would you be willing to take some payment and repeat the process?

  • folkertbj44

    of course i will!!! 🙂
    maybe I’ll drop a message at Ih8mud as well, the more i can sell the lower the price.
    i’ll keep you posted.

  • Curtice

    ha! Keep us updated. I would like this, just to get the Japanese plate. That is awesome.

  • Dane Read

    Hi Folkert

    The build is looking amazing. The attention to detail is staggering.

    I love the fact that it will be the possible the first 44 to be restored to factory condition. Nice thing about your’s was how you had so many factory originals. Also the condition of some of your items are sooo good.

    Please let me know about the dash plate. I would also be every happy to contribute for one. Paypal and post will prob be the best idea.

    I have a printing/sticker business. So if there are any decals you want printed let me know. Looks like you have eps files so if you send them i will print/cut and post them to you.

    • folkertbj44

      hi dane, thanx mate!! dash plate is still in progress… but will be made eventually (next upcoming weeks), i will make sure i will order one for you as well 🙂

      about the decals, great idea.. as a matter of fact I have a few eps files for the BJ44 willing to print. one is the :”Non commercial truck” decal outside the underneath front doors, would be great to have that one printed and i have the eps on my mac.

      email me!!

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