Rooftop weatherstripping part 02

Last week I showed you that I sourced a good alternative for the “no longer available” weatherstripping. Now its time to install and see if it will work as I hoped it would.

For the MWB cruiser I ordered a length of 7 meters, this way enough but just to make sure. Before cutting the rubber, I taped the weatherstripping onto the top of the side panels, this way it will stay put. I marked the holes with a black marker, and also marked the corners. This weatherstripping will not bend and shape to the corners of the hardtop, so this will need some modification. The trick is to cut the corners length, this way we can make incisions in the inner and the outer piece. The inner curve is shorter and the outer longer. The incisions will give the pieces their flex for bending.

Next was cutting the holes where the bolts go through, i just cut small square pieces , but you might use a round hole punch tool for that as well.

When we have it all cut and re-taped so it will stay in position I used some glass seam sealer to make the rubber stick onto the hardtop. Now i could remove the tape and the hardtop weatherstripping is ready for placing the polyester roof top.
Before we place the roof top we seal the upper part of the weather with a full bead of seam sealer so it will fill/compensate any irregularities of the roof gutter bottom, but we will do that just before we place the roof top.

see pics to bet an idea.


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