Refreshing the Hub Locks

As an intermezzo, doing a small job brings back hope, and can give you as much satisfaction as a larger job. Therefore i decided to refresh the original Aisin locking hubs.

This is not such a big task and will give a good idea what the “new” wheels including the original center hub caps will look like in the end. Dis assembly was easy, just unbolting the hub face, removing the center piece (be careful not to loose the small steel ball and spring behind it), wire brush all the old paint by hand, degrease and use special aluminum primer. Regular primer will not attach properly and will not seal of the aluminum corrosion.

Painting was easy. The outer ring needs to be satin black, and my cruiser has a golden center piece. Most of the later Aisin hubs have a bright red one. Maybe a JDM thing? or Toyota specific color. I have no idea, but i must say, it looks very good.

Assembly takes some precaution, but I found a good “manual” on

Rebuilding Aising Locking Hub

In the pictures you will still see the older rims with rusted bolts… something that will change in the near future.


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