Sand & paint the rims

This post actually covers a few weeks of work, but always done on the side, and to my opinion never interesting enough to make it a separate post. I started sanding the almost new Toyota rims I bought somewhere in January if i remember correctly. These 16″ rims, mounted on the European versions of the Land cruisers after 1982 (other countries like USA, had the 15″ version aka “wagon wheels”), were in excellent condition. No rust whatsoever, cleaning up, sanding and removing all the grease of the 5 rims just took me a few hours.

Then I applied a few coats of epoxy primer, already a lot better than factory, because the paint coats they applied were very thin, and therefore not really rust preventive.
Let those dry for a few days, then lightly sanded again with grit 500, and applied the same color as I painted the roof; An Ivory white, named Toyota 033.

Again, the rims needed to dry for a few days, or better said, hardened. Because the procedure of getting the tires on might easily scratch the paint. I know this will always happen, but I just tried to minimalism the damage.

See pics for an impression.


4 responses to “Sand & paint the rims

  • MT


    I am doing currently the same, where did you get the the color Ivor white 033? because i can’t find this collor, is RAL 9010 a good replacement?

    • folkertbj44

      well every good automotive paint reseller can mix all the colors with their computer databases, they have the color 033 in the toyota database for sure, at least mine had ( lesonal system ) by akzo nobel. Ask the paint mixer if they can find the right color for you… if you would like to use a simpel solution, then a creamy white would do, but be carefull its not too yellow and definately not too to blueish.. that looks really cheap to my opinion. a white does looks much whiter when you use a bigger surface and see it in daylight. I think a ral 9010 might do the trick.

  • MT

    Thanks for the reply, I suppose you don’t have any leftovers 😉
    I think I will let them powder coat in RAL 9010, if it is close to original I will be happy!

    • folkertbj44

      haha, no sorry, besides that, mixed paint with hardening solvent will last only for a few hours, thats why the paint needs to be mixed with every paintjob… good luck with your rims!!! 🙂

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