Painting sliding window frames

Just something that was on the list for along time, didn’t do it because I had not found the right weatherstripping yet, well if you’ve read my previous post, you know that problem is solved, so onto the painting then.

This was not such a hard thing to do, so I can keep it short. The hardest part was actually not hard but more inconvenient: removing the sticky sealant that was used to seal the window to the hardtop side. it was everywhere and would stick to anything.. after a few hours of scraping with a knife, using thinner solvent to remove the last pieces, sanding and removing the last grease from the surface it was time to paint.

Just like most of the other parts, I used an epoxy primer as first layer. A strong a rust preventing coat of paint that is a good base for many types of paint. In this case I used spray cans for the color and lacquer finish. No single stage (2K) paint here, because these frames are, just like the JDM fender mirrors, an anthracite grey metallic color. I think many color variations will work, but I picked a warmer shade of grey, so it would match the beige a bit better.

Here are some pics to see the process and result.


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