Sanding rear body/tub

I consider today as the steepest run of my project and therefore a milestone. Sanding is one of the most boring and time consuming part of the whole restoration process and therefore also the toughest part, If you conquer this, you’ve had the worst and better days will come. I’m not there yet, but as you’ve seen in previous posts, the whole front is sanded and partly painted in epoxy primer and the other part like hood and grill is already finished in the final layer of paint. Before i can assemble anything at all, I need to finish the body first, because everything bolts onto that.

I started with the rear section because I suspected to find some unpleasant surprises in the rear corners, but the good thing is, There were none!!!, just a small hole that needed a better repair than the previous owners had done, and some dents from a small accident at the rear end that could get better quality body filler. I must admit the inner parts looked far worse that the outer panels, because of usage wear , lots of small rusty spots and scratches were found in the paint. They need to be sanded onto the bare metal, so that takes a lot of time.
Fortunately I used sanding tools on pressurized air, so that speeds up things pretty fast.

some hard to reach areas I sprayed with a rust converter, just to be sure the rust will neutralize in this spots I cant sand.
Next week i will finish sanding the body and start to prepare for a thick layer of epoxy primer. Give me 3 weeks and the whole body is finished.

Nice thing to discover in the pics: you can clearly see that the floor panels of a MWB BJ44 are the same as a SWB 40/42 version, they just added an extra floor panel at the end.


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