Painting the Tub: part 01

I feel sorry that I haven’t posted for over 3 weeks… This was because I was abroad for a short while (Wales, UK) and had a very busy week at my work the week after. This week I booked 4 days in a row at my workshop, so this will speed-en up a bit from now on.

Yesterday I finished where I left, sanding the tub, cleaning it, working on the dents with metal body filler, sanding again and again… Now the whole tub has been sanded and cleaned. Today I began with masking all the bits and pieces that didn’t need a paint coat, like the cables in the dash, the wheels, engine etc.

After that, I drove the Cruiser into the paint cabin where I used a degrease solvent to clean the whole body, And the I finally went back spray painting again… This makes a huge difference!!, The car immediately starts showing you where its heading to… clean, fresh and beautiful.. Tonight the car needs to dry so I can start sanding again.. now with a very fine sanding paper (500), to get rid of all the small imperfections…

see today’s pics to get an impression. enjoy!


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