Preparing Paint job

Getting closer and closer towards the paint job, there’s still a lot of work to be done. To get some overview in my work, I decided to work from front to rear. So I started to finish all the work on the hood, grill, side aprons and front fenders first..
Then I will start on the tub. This way I will see some sneak peek of the final result before I start with the doors and the hard top. I foresee a lot of work in those, and want to keep my motivation high.. 🙂 I think it help if I already see how good the final result will look like If I finish the front first.

The hood needed the most attention, probably it has seen some trauma, due to a small accident. Both sides of the nose were dented and partly rusted out. The previous owner did a lousy job on fixing those, so that had to be redone.
1) First I welded some pieces of sheet metal on the holes, sprayed some rust converter on the hard to clean areas, and finally used some “liquid metal” to get it back into shape.
2) Secondly I sanded the whole hood an sprayed the first layers of epoxy primer, this way you get a good idea if the shape of the body needs some extra body filler, I had to apply some extra body filler twice, to get a perfect surface. Every time you apply the body filler you have to sand it again, and spray it with epoxy primer to see if there’s more filler needed.
3) Last step is to sand the whole part at once with a 500 grid paper, to get a perfect surface for the 2K topcoat. (not done yet in these pics)

in the following pictures you see the various stages of the preparing the paint job; from repairing the body, putting on the first epoxy primer, body filler, sanding, new layer of primer (dark gray)…


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