Retouch rear emblems

I completely forgot to post these pictures I made when repainting my rear emblems. I will place this with the right date stamp, so it will end up halfway my journal, sorry for that.
To make a long story short, I already showed you how I repainted my apron emblems, This basically works the same way. I bought a spray can with creamy beige white and a touch up bottle with ruby red, which I already used on my dash knobs.

First I cleaned the emblems with a nailbrush and some mild soap, then for the “TOYOTA” emblem, I sprayed it with the creamy white and let it dry for 30 minutes. After that I used a cloth with some Thinner solvent, let that one breath a little and gently rubbed the excessive paint from the chrome characters and outer edge.

For the “4 Wheel Drive” emblem, I painted the 4 at first with small brush. This takes some concentration, but will work fine if you take your time, just let it flow a little. Then I used some masking tape to cover the 4 and sprayed the other half of the emblem, Then I proceeded like I did with the previous emblem. Gently remove the excessive paint from the chrome, and let it dry overnight.

Nice!!!! 🙂


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