Retouch dash knobs

This weekend the workshop was closed unfortunately… but its not like there’s nothing I can do in the meantime. I still have a box full of small items that need some attention, for instance the dash knobs.

Most of the knobs were slightly faded, dirty and most important, partly lost their pictogram. Therefore I cleaned the knobs the usual way, with some good soap and a nailbrush… gosh, what if I didn’t had that trustful nailbrush? The original paint, at least what was left of it, was now completely disappeared. As you can see in the pictures below, I got left with a clean, totally black knob.

The Items you need to restore your knobs, only cost you a few bucks:
– small jar of creamy white paint and darkish red, you might buy one of those small jars often seen in modeling shops (tamiya), or like I used some touch-up paint you can buy at any car accessory dealer. Don’t buy really white or bright red, it looks bad.
– piece of cotton fabric/cloth
– small bottle of thinner solvent
– small brush
– bumper cosmetic product like “black chrome” or other plastics re-newer.

After you’ve cleaned the knobs, rub some black chrome onto the knob, this will give its nice black color back, try not to rub it into the place where you need to paint the pictogram.
Then use the small brush and fill the pictogram with the desired color of paint. Let it dry for 5 at least minutes.
When the paint is dry, use some thinner solvent on the cloth and let it evaporate, so its not so wet anymore.
Now gently rub over the excessive paint in a few steps with each time a clean part of the cloth. If done right, only the paint in lower parts will remain, and you end up with a fresh and sharp pictogram.

A satisfying task for a lazy Sunday…

See the pics below for some impressions:


2 responses to “Retouch dash knobs

  • Bear

    Nice job and nice set of progress photos.

    Would some type of clear coat help prevent future dirt and loss of paint?

    Keep up the good work !

    • folkertbj44

      thanks for the compliment, I don’t think clearcoat will add some extra protection to the knobs, I can only imagine that the clearcoat will peel off/start fading where you touch the knobs and will give an undesired result in the long run… better retouch the knobs every 10 years.. 🙂

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