Painting small items and more…

Today I got through the box with all the small items still in need for its last paint job… and there are a lot!!! Like hinges, front fenders, spare tire rack and lots of small covers. Partly they were already sandblasted and prepared with zinc paint, so those parts only needed some light sanding. Others were partly painted with epoxy, and some still needed to be sanded and painted with epoxy primer before I could continue.

At the second half of the day, I was ready to paint, all the parts were hanging on a clothing rack. I used some heavy electricity wire , which is easy to bend and holds the small parts free in the air, so I could reach every little angle. Parts that only needed a final finish on one side, I put on a improvised table. And the bigger parts on a special rack, made for this use.

Besides the small items, I also used some time on painting the shift stick, brake and clutch pedal and the steering column.

At the end of the day I finished the all, not all perfect, I saw some small runners, but I think they will polish out with ease in a couple of weeks, when the paint has fully cured.

As always a set of pictures for your viewing pleasure.


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