Roof top sealing

Because I was busy this week, the owner of my workplace helped me out by painting the rooftop with epoxy primer. This way I saved a day and could start right away with preparing the rooftop for its final layer of white.

Preparing in this case means making sure the rooftop is protected against future rust. The original roof top gutter was covered with a thin layer of seam sealer, This sealer did not survive 30 years of sun and rain, and finally let moisture in. I don’t want to happen this to me in the near future so using a good quality is very important in this case. No cheap silicon bathroom sealers allowed here.

I used a special automotive seam sealer that can be painted afterwards, therefore I choose to apply this in between the epoxy paint and the final paint layer. I equalized the bead with a wet finger.. make sure you press enough so the sealer will be pressed into the seams and also covers the rivets.

A great trick is to mask the outside of the gutter and the hardtop, so you will end up with a straight line, I learned this after the first 50 cm, but fortunately the non masked part was straight enough for not noticing.

From the inside of the gutter I choose to use Tectyl, a great product to seal any hard to reach steel, and make sure it wont rust again. The tectyl is very thin, so it will flow between the polyester rooftop and the gutter.. way better than factory solutions, where they only used primer as main protection of the inner gutter…bye bye rust.

Not so many pics this time… but I hope you will still enjoy them.


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