Painting tub: part 02

Yesterday was the last day in a series of 4 days of hard work! I began with sanding the tub, then lots of small items, painted those items first and finally yesterday I painted the tub to its final color. I must say; an energy consuming task… But thankfully, a rewarding task as well!

The first part of the day I spent light sanding the epoxy primer, removing dust (air gun), then removing grease and remaining dust with a degrease solvent.

After driving the cruiser into the the paint cabin, I masked all the parts that didn’t need to be painted with craft paper. Then, we put the cabin air ventilation system on, which sucks away all the dust particles in the air.
Finally I used a dust removing cloth (sticky cloth?) to remove the last remaining dust from the surface.

When the cabin reached its temperature of 22 degrees Celsius, I started painting… 2 layers of paint in the inside, 3 on the outside.. and after 1 hour this was the result:


2 responses to “Painting tub: part 02

  • MT

    Looks great!
    You’re not sticking to its original white colour?
    Are you this Wednesday evening working? Then I will try to visit you.

  • folkertbj44

    hi there, no I think the T464 beige (correct for the time period) is more iconic and will look very nice with its off-white upholstery. I was missing the duo-tone effect with the white roof and rims, when the whole cruiser was painted in white.

    I will be working this wednesday, but only till about 17.00, then the workshop will close… would be nice if you manage to drop by..:)

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