First final paint job

Today was my first day to finally spray paint the first parts to its final color. As I mentioned before, I started with the front parts, like hood, aprons, grill etc.
The last days, I’ve prepared these parts with several layers of primer, filler after that sanding, degrease and removing the small dust with a special sticky cloth.

The color I choose is a Factory Toyota color named “Beige” factory code T464. Which was mixed using a 2K paint formula, as the original paint system.
The paint I used is based on the high quality Lesonal Paint system by the company Akzo Nobel. You can order this paint at the workshop I’m restoring my cruiser ( ) , so this was a simple choice.

I first started with a thin layer first, this layer is meant to stick on the primer and makes sure the next layer will flow and stick nicely, depending on the thickness and temperature in the paint cabin, you have to let it dry between 5-10 minutes, so its not so wet anymore.
The second layer of the 2K paint will be a thicker one so the paint can flow to a smooth surface. This is the difficult part, because in critical areas, the paint easily starts dripping, so you have to do this with a lot of care and attention. I must say, it ended up perfect and the whole paint session was very exciting for me!!! Again a new day with something new I learned… wow.


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