Sand Blasting

If sanding dozens of small items sounds like a dream job to you, or if you have enough time left you almost consider restoring three other cars in the same time, than this might not be a post for you. At least, I can say; I hate sanding small and or complex shaped items! It hurts the tips of your fingers, you’ll never reach all the difficult spots, resulting in flaking off the paint, or worse, a strange reaction while spraying paint due to surface that’s still to smooth and greasy.

But I should stop whining.. because a long time ago they invented sand blasting.
That’s simply said; blowing sand or small beads of glass with pressurized air onto your painted or rusted surface and it will blast all the dirt away and leave a nice silky clean metal finish. This way you can reach almost all areas, and you will definitely get rid of all the rust.
After that, they spray your clean parts with zinc spray, to prevent starting the corrosion process before you get to paint it. This is a thick layer of paint that needs some light sanding after wards, as you might see in the pictures, it has some runners 🙂 but at least its well protected.

As always, I forget something. This time I forgot to bring the windshield hinges, the rear step and some other small items to the sand blaster, will do that the next couple of weeks. By the way, the sand blasting company I went to is “Spies Straalbedrijf” in Rhenen. (


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