Sliding window weatherstripping

This week I received the long awaited weatherstripping for my sliding windows. Like many other parts, this was no longer available through Toyota, so I had to source for an alternative.

The OEM sliding windows are a feature only seen on the BJ44, the BJ42 LX and the HJ47, all not very common trucks. This makes sourcing for alternatives very hard, and the handful of owners of these trucks I could find all had the same question: “Where can I find the felt run weatherstripping for my sliding window?”. Because the precise sizing of this is so important, It seemed to be impossible to find… or not?
Well maybe I can make a few of you happy then, because I found the perfect match… in Australia.. 🙂

A fellow member of the Ih8mud Forum, had like me the same demand. He owned a Australian BJ42 with dried out weatherstripping. He, like me, also searched for ages, but he was lucky and stumbled upon a small company in Australia that had the type of weatherstripping in the exact size. Miracles do exist.
Kind as he was he offered me to buy the weatherstripping, and helped me ship it to the Netherlands. And there it was.

Besides the felt weatherstripping I also had to find a replacement for the U shaped profile with metal reinforced sides.
This type of weatherstripping, freely translated from dutch, is named clamp profile, because it had the ability to clamp itself on the edge of sheet metal. And that what it does in this case’s well. it clamps onto the 2 mating sheet metal edges of the hardtop side and the window frame. This way it firmly holds the frame in its place.
Fortunately this was less hard to find, and I sourced the perfect size from a Dutch company specialized in classic car parts and materials.

I took some pics so you can see the weatherstripping and compare it with the OEM one.. maybe its hard to see which is new and old, but the faded one is the OEM one..


9 responses to “Sliding window weatherstripping

  • John L

    What is the name of the Australian company and where are they located? I am chasing a source of windscreen rubber for some Bolwells.

  • Floris

    Where did you find the U-Shaped weather stripping. I am from The Netherlands as well and restoring a BJ45 troopy.
    Living in the North of The Netherlands.

  • Neil

    Hi Mate , What is the name of company in Australia you the weather stripping from I need the lot to overhaul my windows on my Landcruiser. Your help with this would be great.

  • MoJo

    Hey Folkertbj44, is there anyway you could give me the name of the company in Australia for the weatherstripping? i have been pulling my hair out for a year now. It is all i lack to finish putting it back together for restoration.

  • RafBJ42LX

    Hi FolkertBJ44, my name is Raffaele, I live in Italy and just bought a BJ42LX and starting to restore it.I need to buy the weatherstrips for sliding windows.I hope that you will be so kind to write me the name and address of the australian company that produces those.Thanks very much, by the way your BJ44 is fantastic, we don’t have them in Italy.

  • Tjacks

    good evening FolkerBj44 perhaps its me but i can’t follow your blog to the company in Australia that supplied you the weatherstripping. I apologize but could you give me the name of the company. Your project looks great

    • folkertbj44

      Fitch The Rubber Man
      A Division of UES (Int’l) Pty Ltd
      2 George Street HINDMARSH, SA 5007
      Phone: 08 8346 5193 Fax: 08 8346 2308

      you need: weatherstripping 64-020 , dont see it on their site, but they have it for sure… product number 64-020 should help you further.

      price: $11.35 per metre (Australian Dollars)
      you’ll need about 2,5 meters per window, I used 3 to be sure.

      • tjrjjackson

        Good evening again FolkerBj44
        Thanks for the information, I am in the very beginning of my own 1984 Bj42 LX restoration. Thanks once again and take care

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