A star is born

How nice is it when you’re asked if your beloved Toyota Land Cruiser can be part of a fashion photo shoot? Lemme tell you, I was exited! After months of hard work, Its nice to be able to show your rig to the world.

The shoot was for a well known clothing store in Amsterdam called “Tenue De Nimes” (tenuedenimes.com/), showing their latest spring collection for the famous jackets by designer Nigel Cabourn (cabourn.com/).
Both store and brand are inspired by contemporary and vintage brands, like old denim labels, work mans clothing, leather accessories etc.

My Land cruiser, as well a a timeless piece of design, fitted perfectly with the concepts behind the store and brands. Next to that we choose to do the shoot in the coastal area of the Netherlands, known as the dunes. A very nice and preserved piece of nature, where getting your car in the sand is a bit harder than you might think. Not because the 4 wheel drive capabilities of the Toyota Landcruiser are not sufficient enough, but because its illegal here to escape from the pavement and get your wheels in the sand. Even the beach is a no go area.

Nevertheless, we found a sandy spot without a fence, so parked the car over there and started shooting as soon as possible. But as you might already guessed, after 30 minutes the forester’s car showed up! eehh.. hello there!
Fortunately this guy was really nice and he said that we didn’t have to pay a fine, but we had to pay for a permit to film and shoot in the area. They use this income to pay for preserving nature and its wildlife… That sounds a lot better than a fine!!! After paying we were able to continue the shoot.. with great results.

To prevent my license plate showing up in every picture, which is a modern style reflective bright yellow one, I ordered some vanity plates which are vintage dutch license plates in a beautiful dark blue with white lettering. “TOY BJ44” seemed good to me 🙂

I can only show you some snapshots I took myself, but will post the final shoot as soon as its published.
Hope you like the pics, doesn’t look like a dutch landscape, more some kind of African country side…

Shoot credits.
Photographer: Thomas Tukker (thomastukker.com)
Art director: Joachim Baan (anothercompany.org)
Stylist: April Jumelet (apriljumelet.com)


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