JDM Emergency Flare

Since we are talking safety, lets focus on a very nice and Japanese Domestic Market only item; the Safety flare. Due to Japanese traffic regulations, every Japanese car needs to have an ’emergency flare’. This is basically a piece of firework that can be ignited the way you lit a match.

You use this flare when you are in an accident or when your car broke down next to a road. You lit the flare and place it on the ground a few metres away from your car. It will burn for about an hour and gives you enough visibility for other traffic users.

The plastic shell of my original flare was old and brittle and the bright red color was faded. It took me a while to source a nice one on Ebay, but a seller from Japan had some for sale. In my Landcruiser (with Air Conditioning) the flare is mounted with two clips on the right side of the A/C casing. When there’s no A/C, the flare is mounted with the same type of clips on the front side of the heater.

Yet another typical JDM item that completes my BJ44 Landcruiser…. hurray!!


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