Winter has started

Since my last post in October, I enjoyed driving the BJ44 a lot, Wondering if new minor problems would show, but nothing happened. I kept a sharp eye on the levels of all fluids (Oils, Coolant, Brake fluid) noticed some points need attention, like a very small leak of coolant from the pump. Need to clean the pump and replace the gaskets for that one in spring.

We had a long and soft autumn here in the Netherlands, not really cold, not really stormy, not really wet. But in February hell broke loose. It started snowing until 10 cm in one day, then freezing until -20 during the night times… such a great contrast compared to the weeks before. I like snow a lot, never understand people complaining when snow falls, but this time I understand their complains. Because when there’s snow, there’s salt… ouch, not my BJ44 best friend.

Although i gave the bottom of my cruiser a good layer of protective tar-like stuff during last summer, salt can go everywhere, and soon I noticed some small rust spots had appeared. Spots where two layers of sheet metal were joining and the paint couldn’t cover. To stop the process, I used some protective spray called Tectyl. So it would be OK for a short while, at least until I will work on the “critical” areas.

Besides that I started cleaning the car every weekend, just give it a good time with pressurized water, flushing all the salt underneath the car. You must do this thoroughly with a lot of water , otherwise salt water will stay in the frame and only makes things worse. No stress for road salt now, just enjoying the snowflakes on my cruiser.

Other interesting things to test during these weather conditions are A) the heater B) the four wheel drive. I can tell you, the heater works.. while freezing outside, it can be a Sauna inside… 🙂 Also playing with the four wheel drive can be interesting… lock the front hubs first, then when the car is running idle, pull the FD knob. And voila, I had grip like there was no snow at all.


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