Replacing exhaust manifold gasket

So now the tank was installed, the engine was running perfect and I started to make some test drives… I felt great!! Although there was something not right… It sounded like an old Volkswagen Beetle, like it had a serious cold.

First I thought the exhaust itself had some leak, so I tried to pin down where the sound was coming from. This was a hard task, since the sound was only noticeable when driving. So I kept on driving, hoping I would finally find the place where the sound was coming from. A few days later a friend of mine noticed some black carbon residue on my firewall, something that wasn’t there before… might this be the lead telling me where the leak would be? Yes it was! We found out that the exhaust manifold had a leak at the cylinder closest to the firewall. So I had to place an order again… a new exhaust manifold.. sigh.. will this stop eventually?

A few days later I got the gasket, So the next morning I was working in my workshop again, but now for the first time on the engine, I was kinda exited, but also a bit anxious. Will this work out? How difficult could this be?
2 hours later and everything was back in place… easy does it! No problems at all, loosening the bolts went great (nut rusted at all) I followed some tips I got for fastening the bolts again (starting in the middle) and the manifold looked straight enough so it didn’t need any leveling. Started the engine, and man, what a difference.. no more VW Beetle sound, just a silent running diesel engine… 🙂


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