My collection of BJ44 model kits


Already a while ago I started to collecting the BJ 44 modelkits produced by the Italian modelkit brand ESCI.
ESCI was the only one who produced a high quality Model kit of the BJ44 in the early 80’s.
They released 3 different versions:

• The soft top version
• The Phillipines Taxi
• The Kenia Safari edition

By now these modelkits have become a rare item to find, sometimes you see them coming by on Ebay for about 180 USD.
Especially the Safari edition is the most hard to find, which I only saw once in the last 6 years on Ebay.

If you are interested in buying one, this might be your lucky day!

Since the kits are never going to be put together by me, I’ve put the 4 kits I currently own on Ebay.

They could now be yours! Check the auctions on ebay.  (*** SOLD ***)







Italeri is the company who bought the molds from ESCI and nowadays reproduces a re-edition of the BJ44 modelkit. Their kits are marketed as ‘BJ44 Technical Landcruiser’, what is the name they give for a Landcruiser where military equipment is mounted on. Like a machine gun or rocket launcher.

I must say I like the original ESCI themes a lot more, A landcruiser should be used for fun, not war.


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