New seat belts

If you have followed this blog for a while, you’ll remember how I did my best cleaning up the Factory original seat tan belts, they looked great (for the most part), but somehow sometime refused to work properly… And there’s something I won’t try to save some money on.. my safety!

I liked the original retractable 3-point seat belts, they were also, like many aspects on this Japanese Landcruiser an unique part. Most of the aftermarket seat belts are black or gray colored, finding seat belts in tan, with the same mounting idea, is not so easy. Besides that, I live in Europe, where regulations are very tight. If there are some fluffy fibers noticeable on the webbing belt, the belt will be disapproved. Which means you wont be able to drive your cruiser until you fix the problem. Since my belts were sometimes refusing to work properly, I took no risk and replaced them, before I got replaced.. 🙂

The second parts that makes sourcing the right belt difficult is that they need to have the “E” stamp. Which means they are approved by European regulation. If I buy some belts from the USA, I might get troubles with these.

Finally I found the belts from a reseller in Germany. He sells them on Ebay and the type I bought are meant for the Volkswagen Golf.
Unfortunately not the cheapest (160 euro for a set), but hey, we are talking safety here…

I might consider sowing the original label on the new seat belts… what do you think?


2 responses to “New seat belts

  • Bear


    Because you stated safety as a reason for the new belts, I personally would not stitch anything to them, especially another manufacturer’s label.
    Should you ever be in a horrible accident, forensic investigators will likely check the belts for weaknesses and pursue the manufacturer for liability.
    Your sewing could provide a legal excuse for the manufacturer.

    Just my opinion.


    • folkertbj44

      Good point bear!!! Did not think about that one… OK makes sence, I’ll leave the belts the way they are… just installed them and they look great. No additional stuff needed.
      thanks for the feedback!.

      gr, folkert

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