New Parts: part 2

Last week I received the order of new parts form Cruiser Corps. Very nice and helpful company, with a great website:
The order included parts like new emblems (yes, I decided to replace the older emblems since the chrome was a bit too much faded for my taste), lower front door window felt runners, door latches, rear mirror, dash pad cover, sun visors and a new headliner (sorry no pics of this yet) specially made for my longer BJ44 for the price of the 40 series headliner, great deal!!!

enjoy the pics.


2 responses to “New Parts: part 2

  • Jim Callahan

    Did cruisercorp have the headliner? I’ve been searching around trying to find one for my 44. I thought I was going to have to modify a Troopy liner.
    Great site by the way……

    • folkertbj44

      hi jim, well they dont sell them as a standard item in their shop, but I just asked if they could add some extra length (102 inch total length now) they have the nice thick quality with 1/4 inch foam back

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