Glove box part 02

As I’ve mentioned before, I was in the run for producing the original JDM 4 speed shifting plate for the dashboard glove box.
After some hard work reproducing these nice and iconic plates, they are finally finished. Took me a few days cleaning up the scans and convert the artwork into vector. But the result is as I hoped for, or even better..

This is a 100% correct plate cut from the right 0.5mm sheet aluminum, very softly brushed. The print is laser etched in a beautiful solid black. I did not let the company drill the holes, to make sure the holes with not be misaligned in comparison with the glove box door. better to do it myself.

As you can see I ordered a bit more than I need , so if anyone is interested, let me know.

Unfortunately because of the low quantity, they are not as cheap as the US versions seen on the web..
They will cost 55 dollar each, excluding postage. And I’m not even making any profit in this, just helping out other cruiser lovers.

You won’t be disappointed, I’m very picky and even I was surprised with the quality and the 100% perfect resemblance with the original.
Would be a nice upgrade to your JDM cruiser, or just cool to have in your collection of Cruiser gadgets.!!! They are for the 4 speed BJ41 and BJ44 for sure… not sure about the later BJ40 or early bj42

Will show you how I install this beauty on my cruiser next week.


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