Roof top Weatherstripping part 01

Yes, like everbody else, my rooftop weatherstripping was shot to pieces, completely dried out, eaten away by rust and teared in some places. Time for a replacement!!! I’ve searched the net for ages sourcing an original Toyota weatherstripping, but unfortunately the version for a BJ44V was no longer available from Toyota. Even the more common FJ/BJ45 weatherstripping, which is a bit longer, but could be cut to fit, was a no go. The only one available was the SWB version for a 40/42 series. For a shocking price of course… 😦

I’ve seen the replacement aftermarket option at CCOT, and was thinking that the weatherstripping they used was a nice option, but didn’t like the fact it had no thicker part for the inner side. Eventually I decided to source a good alternative myself, and I must say, I suceeded!!, I think my solution is better that the CCOT weatherstripping, better in looks, and I think also better in functionality.

The sizing is perfect, up to the mm, the weatherstripping is thick and very flexible. It makes me happy!
First I was aiming at reusing the rear part of the original weatherstripping, but being picky as I am, I decided to use my new weatherstripping all round.
Next week i will install this weatherstripping and document the install process, we’ll see how that goes.

see pics for the product.


4 responses to “Roof top Weatherstripping part 01

  • Stuart

    i am trying to work with the CCOT weatherstrip and I am not happy with the results. Can you tell me where I can get some of the weatherstrip that you used? Thanks, Stuart

    • folkertbj44

      I sourced it in the net, its the weatherstripping they use for these outer edges on (industrial) doors to prevent wind coming through… was just lucky its the same width as the OEM weatherstripping.
      will see if i can find the link for you on my work comp.

  • Jeff Kinsman

    Hi – Just discovered your blog – what a find! I’m in the middle of a restoration on an HJ47 from Australia and I’m trying to source window and weather strip rubber. I love the entries you’ve made on windows and hard top installations. Where did you source your weather stripping for the top and window rubber? I’ve looked all over the U.S. and Australia and I haven’t found any good sources except for EXPENSIVE resellers. Please help!

    • folkertbj44

      Jeff, the weatherstripping for the sliding windows can be ordered in Australia…
      just drop me a mail and I can give you the address and product nr. The roof weatherstripping I could find in the Netherlands, and is like I mentioned earlier, for the industrial doors…
      I can also give you that internet address, but not sure if they will ship internationally.
      just mail me: folkert ” at ” formlab ” dot ” nl

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