Solution for the rusty doors

After a “less happy” period of one day, I decided that I somehow have to get over the “hidden secrets” of the right front door and right ambulance door… (see post: Rust Damage ) These 2 doors were far beyond repairing with the welding skills I recently learned.

When I looked for replacement door panels, the figures go sky high!! For complete doors that is.. but I remembered that I came across some door panels that were only covering the bottom part.. found these at to be specific.

Although I tried to stay within budget, I realized that this was something i could not fix otherwise. So I had to take the pain!

I ordered them today.

Here are some pics of the panels from CCOT’s website, I hope they can deliver them within a short amount of time. The website stated that body panels might take up to 4 weeks before shipping… well, I don’t expect to be ready with the cruiser by then.. So nothing to worry about. Yet.


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