New wheels

I think a lot it seems…
Also regarding what type of rims I should use on my cruiser, if I ask friends and members on forums like i get different opinions:
A) the classic and typical 16″ Steel spring rims, preferably painted in stock grey, like the classic pre 1980 Land cruisers, or in off-white as the newer version were equipped with, or
B) the newer 6 spoke steel tubeless rims in creamy white. The last ones were an options for the later years, but still the spring rims were fitted as a standard rim on the japanese Cruisers.

Hard to decide… so to make it more easy on myself, i picked up an extra second hand set of 6 spoke rims this week from a 1993 Land cruiser, these were already swapped by the dealer for alloy wheels so they are basically unused. Because they are painted silver (standard for newer years), they need just a little sanding and can be repainted in the stock white color. Now I have both classic spring rim and newer spoke rim, still time enough to make up my mind what rim to use…


2 responses to “New wheels

  • Pete in Japan

    Yep- I had the same quandary on my 44. I wanted to go with 16″ and for the time being I choose the later model wheels just like these. They are still available new (as are the split rims.) What I really wanted was a tubless 16″ wheel but I could not find any. Though many run the split rims I use my car with my family and the thought of a fast puncture at highway speed swayed me towards the 70 series rims like yours. I’m keeping my eye out for a set of vintage 16’s….



    • folkertbj44

      hi pete, good to see you here..:) what do you mean with vintage 16’s? i believe that the only 16″ rims for the 40 series were the non US split rims
      The following white 6 spokes were , like you told me as well all 15″ worldwide until the later models, where they used 16″ 6 spokes.
      The US splits were 15″ as well and had the chrome hubcabs. Something for the US market only… must be because of the ‘pimp my ride’ chrome fetish guys over there.. 😉

      Still in japan at this moment?

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